Things To Do

If you are wondering if you should visit the place then you should surely do it. Aside from the famous museum they had that you can see on another page of this website, we will also see the things to do in this Basque country. There are many things to do and if you are open to knowing and learning more about this place then surely you will appreciate it and be able to see its own beauty, history, development, and many more.

Walking into the old town is one of the relaxing and refreshing things to do in this place. You can be able to see the past from the present structures that survived times and events. You can see what are the styles of buildings they usually build before. They can be with colorful balconies made of wood. There is also greeneries you can explore and have time to see that makes the place a fresh one even if it is a developed country with innovations and development.

Food is one of the pride of this country as they achieved a status where they are one of the best in the cuisine around the world. They can already boast their own aside from their architecture. You can find many restaurants with their own styles that carry with them good food with good quality and excellent good taste. A cultural center is also located here which was an empty space but was redesigned and now serves as a major attraction.