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The 11 Magic Towns You Must Visit in Mexico

The country of Mexico is a very beautiful place because of many wonderful tourist destinations. Tourists who visit Mexico will surely love this country. In this beautiful country, there are must-to-see towns known as the “magic towns”. In the infographic below, there are 11 magic towns which tourists must visit in Mexico. These magic towns

Looking back into the past of Basque county

Learning about another place is amazing because we can know and see the struggles that they undergo so they can also become one nation. There are many countries that were conquered and have to fight to gain independence. Others are conquerors though at some point in time they were also conquered. To gain independence have

5 Fun and Interesting Facts about Spain

Before visiting a different place or another country, it is recommended that you have to know about the fun and interesting facts about that place. It will be your guide to make a good decision whether or not you would visit that country or not. Are you planning to have a tour in Spain? If

Know the Strange Museums around the World

There are many different museums found around the world. But did you know that there are also strange museums around the world? They are known to be strange because it’s actually unique, not common. So, as shown in the infographic below, there are 7 strange museums found around the world from different countries. Most museums

5 Most Famous Restaurants in Bilbao, Northern Spain

Every tourist who wants to visit other countries always want to try something unique. Other country’s culture including food and tourist destinations are the most common but top-most things that a tourist want to experience. In this article, you will know about the 5 most famous restaurants in Bilbao, the largest city located in Basque

7 Shocking Traditional Spanish Events for Tourists

If you are an avid tourist who travels around the world, it means that you have a lot of interest in life. You might be interested in the traditional events of a country as well. If you are not aware or informed about the culture and tradition of a certain place or country, then you

Museum as One of the Most Visited by Tourists

Each tourist have his own purpose in visiting other place or even other nation. The sure thing is that tourists go other place to enjoy and have fun. What if a person visits a museum? Going to a museum can also be for fun and enjoyment. But most of the time, it is for educational

Spanish Language: The Cool Facts about this Language

In every country, language is one of the first things being taught to the citizens living in that country. In Spain, their national or official language is Spanish. This language is actually interesting. If you are a person who is multi-lingual, then it might be easier for you to learn a different language from yours.

8 Must-to-Read Books that Feature Museums

If you are an avid reader of history books, try some of the books that feature about museums. Of course it would be good to visit a real museum, not only in the books. But, having knowledge about a museum through books is also good and beneficial for you. And reading such meaningful books for