Guggenheim Museum

You will not be able to have visited the Basque country if you did not go to the museum which makes the country known. Let us know about this amazing work of art and architecture. The building which was designed to be a museum was the result of a plan that was made many years but was just made complete in the 1990s. The museum was part of the project that was designed by the Guggenheim Foundation specifically by Frank Gehry who was chosen among three candidates who give their proposal.

The museum finally opened in 1997 having made of glass, titanium, and limestone. This structure then became a well-known museum which was labeled as an important building in the century. Thanks to the effort of the Basque government to build a museum, this museum was made into reality and the place was chosen where it should be built. Now the location is perfect as many people can be able to witness its beauty and majesty. You can see the passion of the creator.

The designer was able to put into the design the art that seems to be inexpressible but only said in words. It then became a reality that could be seen and felt by the visitors who can have the opportunity to be able to see this building and what is inside it. There are pieces of artwork that are owned by the foundation they put on display. There are other museums that they had designed around the world.