The Basque Capital

The Basque country is now being known as one of the places you should travel because of the different sites and sceneries that you can visit. in this place is located the area of Bilbao. this is the capital of the Basque country that is situated in two countries. It was part of Spain and part of France. The well-known mountain is also on its other side and the Atlantic ocean. That is why they are known for fishing and also its cuisine for it.

Its capital which is Bilbao is now being visited because of its own uniqueness. Even if it is a country that has to fight for its independence just like other, they are industrious people so they also attained much success. You can see evidence when you will visit there and see the structures they built. They use their own environment and managed it so it can be a harmonious place where you can see beauty and development going together ready to welcome visitors and residents.

One of the pride in that place is the┬áGuggenheim Museum which makes the place one to be on the traveler’s bucket list. The museum that attracts interests from all over the world is one that deserves the attention because it was built with such magnificence using materials that is not usual. Its foundation makes people curious and wants to find more on the building. If you will see its picture above this paragraph you can understand why many visit this place and praise it.